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Smart and Adaptive with a keen interest in Research and Development in the field of Information security, Internet of Things, and Opportunistic Encryption. An achiever and a team player with a demonstrated history of leading/working in various Teams, Clubs & Societies. Held responsibility as Student training and placement Coordinator at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur.

Education -

  • National Institute of Technology Hamirpur (Jul. 2014 - Jun. 2019)
    Dual Degree (B.Tech. and M.Tech.) in Computer Science and Engineering
    CGPI (B.Tech.: 7.0/10, M.Tech.: 6.8/10)
  • D.A.V. Public Senior Secondary School Baghni, Nurpur (Apr. 2013 - Mar. 2014)
    Higher Secondary Education (CBSE)
    Percentage: 78%


  • Rishabh and T.P. Sharma, “Device Classification Based Data Encryption for Internet of Things,” International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking, 2019. (Communicated)
  • Rishabh and T.P. Sharma, “Lightweight Encryption Algorithms, Technologies, and Architectures in Internet of Things: A Survey,” 7th International Conference on Innovations in Computer Science and Engineering, 2019. (Springer)


  • “Device Classification Based Data Encryption for IoT,” A Dissertation submitted for the award of the degree of Master of Technology (2019), in Computer Science and Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, H.P. India.

Research Experience

Research Mentor: Dr. T.P. Sharma, Associate Professor, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

  • Device Classification Based Data Encryption for Internet of Things (Aug. 2018 - Jun. 2019)

    • Classified devices into various classes, based on their computational and communication capabilities and proposed Class-specific data encryption/decryption techniques for heterogeneous IoT devices.
    • Different schemes for data encryption are proposed at different levels of interconnection across devices of various classes.
    • Simulation experiments reveal significant improvements in the solution of encryption techniques for given scenarios.

  • Lightweight Encryption Algorithms, Technologies, and Architectures in Internet of Things: A Survey (Aug. 2018 - Jun. 2019)

    • The paper provides an overview of IoT along with presenting various privacy and security-related issues, and the differences between the security in IoT, and the security in conventional systems.
    • Different lightweight encryption techniques for IoT, Limitations in IoT, IoT technologies, and architectures are discussed and compared in the paper.

  • Theoretical Analysis on Client-Server Interaction (Aug. 2017 - Jan. 2018)
    Research Collaborators: Rishabh, Akhilesh Kumar, Rahul Kumar, Gourav Sisodiya

    • The paper discusses various types of client-server architectures, along with explaining different related terminologies along with presenting numerous related security concerns.
    • It discusses the mobile agents and the security concerns related to them and the different applications of client-server interactions, along with discussing the current trends.

Development Experience

  • Google Summer of Code (2019, 2018)
    • Libreswan Opportunistic IPsec using Let’s Encrypt: Created shell scripts for establishing the Opportunistic Encryption connection using Libreswan IPsec. It also generates client/server configurations and updates and imports the certificates automatically along with handling files safely. Server/Client crashes handled. The project makes the process of using OE easier, automated and over 10 times faster than the manual procedure.
    • Libreswan Managing Interface: Developed Application for generating & signing CA root certificates & user certificates (VPN connection profiles) along with generating custom configurations for user certificates. Automatic creating and updating of certificate revocation list implemented. The project increased the efficiency of performing all the above tasks by over 7 times as compared to the existing manual procedure.

  • Internships at NIT Hamirpur (Summer 2018, 2017)
    • Elective manager: Built an application for the online allotment of various UG/PG electives, which are allotted based on CGPA, elective priority & available seats. The software has an auto backup mechanism and is using SQL procedures for performing various tasks. The project has proved to be over 15 times faster than the existing system (manual).
    • Training and placement portal: Developed Official website - Office of Training and Placement NIT Hamirpur. It eases the process of finding the relevant info regarding the Placement cell and helps with the process when visiting the Institute for placements. The project has turned out to be over 10 times faster than the existing procedure.


Skill Type Skills list
Programming Languages C, C++, Python, Javascript, Bash(Shell Scripting), PHP
Softwares MySQL, Apache, Git, Matlab, MS Office
Web HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, HUGO, Jquery, Django
Design Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro
Miscellaneous Data Structure, Algorithms, Database Designing, Linux, OpenGL, Markdown, Cpanel-web services, IRC, LaTeX

Awards and Achievements

  • Google Summer of Code: 2019, 2018
  • Appreciation Award: Technical Secretary (MILAN)
  • Winner: Ethical Hacking by Aptron (Nimbus 2016)
  • Appreciation Award: Coordinating ISTE Students Convention (2017)

Position of Responsibility

  • Office of Training and Placement: Coordinator (2018), Representative (2017, 2016)
  • MILAN: Technical Secretary
  • GLUG NITH: Member (Mentor, Volunteer)
  • Team .EXE: Mentor (2019, 2018), Coordinator (2017), Executive (2016)
  • ISTE Udbhava: Coordinator

Recreational Interests

  • Contributing to Open Source
    I love contributing to Open Source and have contributed to a lot of Open Source Projects of organizations ranging from The Libreswan Project, Mozilla, PhpBB, etc.
  • I love writing and sharing my experiences, so sometimes write on quora. But you know what? I love reading more :) .
  • Linux Administration.
  • Enjoys blogging
    As I’ve already written, I love to write. Want to read my blogs? Click here.
  • Photo and Video editing.
  • Philosophy, Photography.
  • Loves Traveling :) .
  • Sometimes write poems, Want to read? Click here.
  • Loves trying new software/gadgets.


For viewing my projects please visit the projects page of website.

Open Source Activities

  • Contributor in Organizations: Over 150 commits in The Libreswan Project, Mozilla, phpBB, Awesome CSS, PublicLab, Sendgrid.
  • GitHub (Rishabh04- 02) : 1 ,900+ Open Source Commits.
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