Hosting my website - Journey to Github

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After 12th when i got admission in NIT Hamirpur, I came across few seniors who’re just great, then i discovered that they all had their websites which represents them on this World wide web. As i had the knowledge of html learn’t in 10 class and was very much impressed by its abilities, i thought of designing a website of my own. Before this me along with my few friends had tried designing and hosting of two unsuccessful sites (Photo-effects and Cyberbullying — unsuccessful because we left the development of these sites in between and deleted them after few months) and so this was my 3rd experiment with hosting and developing a site.

  • Search for best way

As i was searching for “How to make your website on Google” Google uncle showed me many results related to online site builders. So, i started on and after searching for at least 2–3 days. the site which i designed on weebly (its still there, but i forgot its link) was really good but can be customized only up-to an extent and after designing it for few weeks i just lost interest in sites like it which build it with site builders and don’t allow users to write their code. The same story applies for hpage even at some point they allowed me to write my code but working with it was a disaster its interfaces,etc were not actually good or i can say were not even close to good. So I started searching again.

  • Herokuapp and Switching

This time i came across herokuapp, it was really great site but was not so user friendly as i got to know that time (maybe that time as i was an amateur so i found it difficult to use). So, i again started searching for the best place to host a html site (and that also for free of course!, i wasn’t willing to pay at that time for just hosting my site).

  • An Encounter with github

After trying to find a suitable place to host my site along with learning CSS i became frustrated and quit this idea. And thought of giving a last try before quiting it for few months. So, on the last try an idea just hit my mind and that was to see where my seniors (by whom i was inspired) had hosted their sites. I remembered their domain names and just searched for it and started checking if i can find something for help. That was the point when i just saw this written on their footer build using jekyll and hosted on github pages After reading this i was just jumping with joy.

  • Exploring Github

Now as i know my aim and was sure of things i started surfing github and read about hosting sites on github pages. That was the day when i just came across a thing for which i was searching for months. I created an account on github and as per the steps mentioned on the site created my repository for holding my site. Firstly i was using cloud9 for writing files and pushing content to github. But it was not a really good idea as cloud9 needs a good network speed to allow us to work there and i was missing on this aspect. At that time Linux came to my rescue as i encountered a result on google which shows us how can we use github from Linux. So, i started to build pages offline and just need a network for a very short time to push my work to github. And this was the way i learnt to use git also.

After that i had many experiences using github and also hosted my site on it for almost 2 years.