How Does ZeroNet Work?

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  • The Basics of Asymmetric Cryptography

When i create a new site we get two keys -

Private Key 5JNiiGspzqt8sC8FM54FMr53U9XvL\

Public key 16YsjZK9nweXyy3vNQ\

a) Private key 5JNiiGspzqt8sC8FM54FMr53U9XvL

  • Only I have it.
  • It allows me to sign new content to the site.
  • No central registry, it never leaves my computer. It don’t need to be published anywhere.
  • Impossible to modify site without it.

b) Public key 16YsjZK9nweXyy3vNQ

  • This is my site’s address.
  • Using this anyone can verify that the content on the site is created by me (site owner).
  • Every downloaded file is verified and hence makes it safe from malicious code’s insertion and modification.

More info about Cryptography of ZeroNet

  1. ZeroNet uses the same elliptic curve based Encryption as in your Bitcoin wallet.
  2. You can accept payments directly to your site address.
  3. It is estimated that even using fastest supercomputer available, it would take around 1 billion years to “HACK” a private key.