Is ZeroNet the future?

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  • What is ZeroNet?

    It’s a Decentralized web platform using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network. Which provides open, free & uncensorable websites.

  • Why ZeroNet?

  1. Because it provides Peer-to-Peer connectivity without any central server and hence content is distributed directly to visitors.
  2. Uncensored because its nowhere to be found.
  3. No hosting cost as sites are served by visitors.
  4. Impossible to shutdown as its nowhere yet everywhere.
  5. No point of failure as the site will keep serving till the last peer serving.
  6. Fast and works offline , it can be assessed without being online on the internet. As one can anytime view the sites being seeded by one.
  • Why should one go for ZeroNet?
  1. It provides Real time site updating with multiuser support.
  2. Provides .bit Domains using namecoin Cryptocurrency.
  3. No Passwords required as the account is protected by same cryptography technique as one’s Bitcoin.
  4. Fast as the page response time is not limited by one’s connection speed.
  5. Works everywhere, supports all modern browsers on Linux, windows & Mac.
  6. Provides Anonymity as one can hide his IP using Tor Network.
  7. Opensource, its developed by the community for the community.