Team .EXE (joining the Team - part 1)

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Its raining outside & i am writing this post , Hope it helps :-)

It was my 2nd year & SFD’s work was in progress & for that I’d been assigned a senior to work with & he was Arun Chaudhary (core coordinator of Team EXE) & believe me he was impressed with my work (what say Arun Sir? ;-) ) & he’d suggested me to join the team during nimbus(Tech fest of NIT Hamirpur) 2k16.

[Fast forward 5 months]

It was the time for Nimbus auditions & i was in confusion whether to join the team or not & all my friends were suggesting me not to join it as at that time Team EXE was considered one of the worst reputed teams of Nimbus as they didn’t do any good projects & events during the last nimbus & also due to the members who left the team after 1st year. But i wanted to join it as i knew that we can do many projects in it. Then one of my friends & my room mate Gurpreet came to my rescue & motivated me to join the team & he clearly told me that if they do something good then we must be a part of it & if they did like last year then even I’m going to leave the team(Gurpreet was its member since 1st year). But we’d great coordinators & they worked on all our queries & suggestions.

The interview

So, i went to the interview & also took one of my friend Mayank with me although he wasn’t willing to take the interview. When I went there I knew how to rock it (as I’d been rejected in an interview of a club in 1st year) & yes I rocked it with confidence & few technical skills.

Then started a series of regular meetings for deciding new projects & events (these meetings were really tiring) And after few meetings projects & events were decided.

Also the interviews of 1st year had been held & the new members were added to our team.

And the website of Team EXE was also successful launched along with the introductory video of the Team.

Below is the list of our events & projects.

Online Events (6)

Paradox — Guess it if you can!
Trolled — Keep trolling others!
BrainBuster — It can burst your brain!
Hunt the code — The hunt has begun!
Webbed — Design the best out of it!
The Game of codes — Code it right!

Offline Events (4)

Exeplore — Keep exeploring!
CodeSwap — Write and switch, The loop begins!
CodeSense — The all new senses!
HackHunt — Hack and hunt!

Workshops (3)

Ethical Hacking — Hack it if you can!
Linux Installation Fest — Its a step towards open source!
Linux Command Line — Just command your way!

Projects (5)

Makey Makey
Nith Registration Portal
Events Portal
Women Safety App

And several other projects were on display (those were on request from their owners) and with all this we rocked the Nimbus and regained the lost respect of the club along with an award for — Excellence in online event.